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A Brief Commentary by Rev. Khandi Konte-Paasewe

The Washitaw are the Black mound builders of this landmass known as amerikkka. Today the Washitaw lands are outlined and documented to be the illegal Louisiana Purchase. As is usual for amerikkka, the lands of the Washitaw were stolen and claimed as the illegal Lousiana Purchase.

The u.s.a. has hidden this fact effectively and most Afrikans/Washitaw born on this land mass are unaware of their true Blackground and history on this landmass. The stolen territory covers over 3/4 of the total land of the u.s.a. Evidence of this illegal purchase and the documented rights of the Washitaw to our stolen lands is found at Case Western Reserve, a document storage facility in Cleveland, OH. These documents originated in Richard Allen City (filthydelphia) as certified by Case Western. The decendents of Nat Turner have proven rightful ownership of the land and the supreme court ruled against the u.s.a. These u.s. court cases are numbered as 32 and 191 from June 19, 1948ace. The court ruling has been ignored by the u.s.a.

...hmph.... what else is new? Archeological digs and carbon dated tests, commissioned by the u.s.a. United Nations and the state of Lousiana, proved that the Black mound builders were/are the Ancient Ones of the Washitaw. These mounds, date 6000 years before the historical jesus/mythical christ, were built by the Ancient Ones: Uaxashaktun (own language).

Today, there is a return of the Uaxashaktun (Ancient Ones) to the land of the Washitaw. The Empress Verdiacee Tiara Washitaw-Turner Golston El-Bey is the living heir to the ancient empire. She has fought tirelessly to get the land back that was illegally annexed. In 1993, Lousiana agreed to return some of the stolen lands (68,883 acres), now called Washitaw Proper. A supporter of self-rule and independent nationhood, she works with other conscious Washitaw citizens to rebuild the Washitaw nation. More of the nation's and her story can be read in the book Return of the Ancient Ones $38. We are the Washitaw book is also available for $13. Empress of the Washitaw Nation video is also available for $20. You can obtain these writings and more by contacting the Official Washitaw Website. Thevideographer and videographic historian who captured the Washitaw nation in the early days, is James Whitaker and he still maintains videos of various Washitaw conventions which can bepurchased from him at or  writing Box 6965, Washitaw/Olentangy Territory (columbus), OH, 43205.

The Washitaw nation has its own birth certificates, passports, auto registration w/liscence plates, drivers liscence, money, etc. For more information about obtaining application forms for various documents, there are various options. Either click here for Washitaw Commentary complimentary contact information and direct snail mail contact, or email or visit the Official Washitaw Website or visit Nattyreb's Washitaw site for more information about the Washitaw.

Independence, sovereignty, LAND!


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