NaNiKha A Cappella Singers

NANIKHA, a cappella female singers have been creating melodious harmonies,
rhythmic melodies and uplifting music since 1982.
Based in Philadelphia, NaNiKha is an acronym which
represents the names of its original members. Each
member of NaNiKha brings her own special talent
and artistic ability to give the emsemble its
uniqueness and style.

Who We Are!

NADIRAH BARBA has toured with Billy Paul as a
background singer. She studied voice at Settlement
Music School and Community College of Philadelphia,
where she earned a degree in Music.

ANITA BARNES CAUTHORN studied voice at Combs
College of Music and has been a soloist for over
30 years. She has sung with the Zion Baptist
Church Senior Choir and currently sings with
the Vine Memorial Baptist Church Chancel Choir.

NIA BEY AL-RASUL, a self taught talent, has been
singing since the age of eight. She started
singing the "Nkosi" in 1980 as a soloist and
helped create the ensemble's beginning.

TALIAH MUNIR, a former member of Al-Jaamium
a cappella singers, has been performing for
over 20 years. As a songwriter and arranger,
her gift of song has developed through inspiration
and the love of music.

Performing for Dignitaries

NANIKHA is known for their concerns and
commitment to Afrikan-American culture. This is
purely expressed through their rendition of the
"Nokosi Sikeleli", the National Anthem of Azania
(Black South Afrika), which has become their
trademark. In 1993, NANIKHA had the distinguished
honor and privilege of singing the "Nokosi" in
the languages of Xhosa and Sotho for the former
Afrikan Nationalist leader and current President,
Nelson Mandela.

At a Rebuilding The Future Program sponsored by
the Free Library of Philadelphia, NANIKHA also
had the privilege of performing for filmmaker,
Spike Lee.

Cream of the Crop

NANIKHA has shared the stage with such artists
as Take Six, Sweet Honey in the Rock, The
Persuasions, Sonia Sanchez, activist Angela
Davis and many others.

Awards We've Won!

As winners of the Philadelphia Music Award for
1989 in the category of Best Folk Performer in
Traditional/Ethnic Music, NANIKHA strives to
inspire awareness and spirituality when
expressing music.

Multi-Lingual Talents

NANIKHA has a diverse repertoire of Afrikan,
spiritual, cultural, jazz and contemporary music
which includes adult and children's songs in
Afrikan, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

NaNiKha's Music Philosophy

NANIKHA states, "It is our understanding that
music heals, music soothes, music touches the
souls of man and womankind. It is this
understanding that we always wish to share."

How to contact us!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.
We are available for bookings, residencies,
weddings, funerals, concerts, festivals and
events of virtually every nature. If you wish
to have vocal harmonies to accent your event,
feel free to contact us.

We Play Sekere!

NaNiKha A Cappella Singers plays an Afrikan
percussion instrument called a Sekere. Pictured
here is a sekere made by one of our co-founding
members, Mama Khandi. We would also like to thank
her for designing our website. Please visit her
website. It is quite extensive. Click on the
buttons above to experience her creativity.

Thanx again!

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