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All sekere bags are approximately 1" thick padded, made from Afrikan print fabrics of mud cloth, wax prints (fabric has no wrong side), fancy print (one side is the wrong side), kente cloth fabric (print) and woven, okeni cloth, oshoke cloth, indigo dye and other Afrikan fabrics. Sekeres come with bells, cowries, beeds, plain or colorful threads and designs on the gourds.  The bags take on the shape and persona, color and size of their sekere compliments. Color of beadwork is dependent on the spiritual energy and Divine force that governs that energy.

Gourds are polyurathained and some are Nigerian style (cut neck) and finished open stringed bottom or Ghanaian style (uncut neck) and closed stringed bottom..

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Item # 001

Blue conk shell Afrikan print  sekere bag w/front pocket & cowrie shells,





velcro opening and strap, padded. 1' 11" tall, 1 ft. 5"

Blue sekere bag, open, white inside 1" thick padded view

Blue sekere bag, back view


$125 bag plus

shipping $7



Item #002

Blue cat's eye Afrikan wax print sekere bag w/frnot view, vecro opening and strap, padded

Sekere item #003

Blue & white sekere w/cowries that compliments the bag

$125 sekere price w/$25 shipping

$95 bag plus shipping $7

Item #004

Red & Blue Afrikan wax print  small sekere bag w/pocket front, padded, draw string closure, $60 w/matching sekere below (small) $65

Item #005

Item #006

Shades of blue & white w/bells, small sekere $75

Item #007

Afrikan print  green and gold sekere bag, padded, draw string closure w/strap w/beadwork and front pocket, large $150  w/ matching sekere below, large  $145

Item #008

Item #009

Lavender and gold large sekere $115

Item #010

Lavender, red and gold sekere, small, $70

Item #011

Lavender Afrikan wax print padded bag, back view above, small; front view below $50

Item #012

Orange & black bag with front pocket, padding and strap, draw string closure, large, $75 w/matching sekere w/bells $85


Item #013

Item #014

Orange & black bag with front pocket, padding and strap, draw string closure, small, 1 1/2 ft tall, $55 w/matching sekere w/bells $65

Item #015


Item #015

Red, Black, Green, Gold and pocket $175

Item #016

Red, Black, Green, Gold sekere, large with gourd art   $190



Item #017

Red, Black, Green, Gold bag with Afrikan print strap, draw string entry, $150

Item #018

Red, Black, Green, Gold sekere, medium w/gourd art $95

Item #019

Red, Black sekere, w/bells,  w/gourd art $110

Item #020

Red, Black sekere w/bells and gourd art $120

The artist at work. Sekere craftswoman extraordinaire, Queen Mama Khandi


Gallery 001

Gallery 004-005

Gallery 007-008 the Artist does a sekere workshop and presentation w/one of her student's assistance

Gallery 010

Gallery 012

Gallery 002-003

Gallery 006

Gallery 009

Gallery 011

Gallery 013


Gallery 014 the Artist


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