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is an Afrikan Independent School which has existed for 20 years in filthydelphia, PA, Dayton, OH, and now in Olentangy/Washitaw (columbus) OHIO.

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Center of Work & Knowledge's

philosophy and goal is to give Afrikan centered direction to the education, not indoctrination, of Afrikan children thus preventing the assimulation of euro-values that our children suffer from in public schools. Our objectives include an integration of a high level of academic performance with enriched Afrikan cultural-historic awareness & relevance.

MIL building in Dayton OH

McClendon Institute for Learning

is an Afrikan Independent School which has existed for over 10 years in Dayton Ohio. We are in the process of receiving our charter and certifications status. We have already received our state and federal tax exempt status.

COWAK & MIL are both housed in the home school environment this year, though MIL does have an educational facility at 2100 W. Martin Luther King, Jr. Way (third street), Dayton OH that is not being used due to lack of funds. COWAK is having an ongoing fund raiser as We are not subsidised by tax dollars or funding. We are also seeking sponsors and scholarship sponsors for our students. COWAK & MIL are kindegarden to 12th grade schools.


Center of Work & Knowledge's ongoing fundraiser is the sale of original music-compositions and recordings, performances, writings,and Afrikan art (sketches and writings) by Rev. Khandi Konte-Paasewe and other artists and conscious revolutionaries (Nation Time Newspaper sales) who have donated their works for this purpose. We have them available for viewing here on the internet in the Khandi Pages, Khandi Music Studio (due for an original compositions upgrade) and in the KhanArt Gallery. For more information and to send all donations and financial support or to sponsor a/some student(s), Please write: or P.O. Box 6965 columbus, Oh, 43205.

To contact McClendon Institute: Renee McClendon, Dayton OH, 45401 or 937-263-0340.

In the past, our fundraisers have included Fish Fry & Vegetarian spaghetti dinners, card games, sleep-overs, and the sale of Negro League Baseball t-shirts and sweatshirts; not jerseys... ...there were various shirts available: a couple have the teams listed on the front and some had the historical Blackground of the league... teams include: NY Black Yankees, Baltimore Elite Giants, Chicago amer. Giants, Detroit Stars, Homestead Greys, Pittsburgh Crawfords, Kansas City Monarchs, Detroit Stars and the Indianapolis Clowns to name a few... available colors were ivory, gray, Black, navy, green, and maroon... Forward!...

Thank you for supporting Afrikan Independent Shules!!

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