Orunmila Ase- sketch by Mama Khandi of Yoruba Divine PrincipleKaribu! (welcome) to COASADOS!

(Church of the Afrikan Sons & Daughters of Sampson)

Our spiritual collective is a non-profit organization of Afrikan spiritual systems believers. COASADOS has been in existence for over 20 years under the priestess hood of Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey (Paasewe). Orunmila Babalowo carving symbol for the communications that takes place between our Afrikan Ancestors and us.

Orunmila, Ifa, Tehuti divine principle spiritual Tehutirepresentation (right) is the wisdom element: word/guidance of the Universal Feminine/Masculine Divine Principle (god), whose spiritual keynotes include faith, good judgment, intuition and optimism. Orunmila/Tehuti is the manifestation of the Afrikan Asili: the genesis, cosmology, cosmogony. The Tree of Life is the realization of the Divine Feminine/Masculine Principles of the Universe. Religion is organized expression of a concern with realities beyond the physical/visible. Religion is the medium by which the Tree of Life is accessed. If We analyze the word religion, We find that the word "religion" is composed of the Latin prefix "re" meaning "again, back" and "ligare" meaning "tie, bind, fasten." Thus, religion binds us to the source of our existence.

This Maatic sketch, was created by Mama Khandi.

Al Haji Bai Konte, one of our first spiritual teachers.

Maat is the Divine Feminine/Masculine Principle of Truth and Justice, where the heart is weighed in judgment against a feather. Maat/Aje Chagulia is the unification of insights via philosophical, theoretical and religious principles and values. Maat is wholistic, just, optimistic, religious and generous. The Odu (divine laws) of Afrikan spiritual traditions are always ever-present . As the Eyeunle Odu states: "the Head carries the body." This Odu is the governing rule, principle, value that COASADOS is based upon.

COASADOS seeks to reacquaint Afrikans with the Maatic source of our spiritual power. The Eyeunle Odu that governs COASADOS instructs us that it is not our bodies that bare the weight of responsibility, but rather our minds carry the responsibility for living the divine principle of Maat (truth). Resynthesis of the Feminine/Masculine Principles of the Universe to the Afrikan centered cultural matrix, is the liberating force for Afrikan people. Through prayer, meditation, faith, belief and introspection does one achieve the Eyeunle Odu path to Maat. The basis of Maat is that We live by standards imposed by our essential divine nature. Maat is the source of strength to rise to moral standard of which Neter/Oludumare/Nyame/Mungu (god by any name) is the standard of measure. The physical depiction of Maat (right) shows her w/an ankh in hand.
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