"Why a March for just Afrikan Women?"

                             (edited version)

by Mama Khandi

"On the use of "i" and "We" in this article. The pronoun "i" is not capitalized, while the pronoun "We" is always capitalized. This style supports the concept that We must restore a sense of love and a unified, cooperative community amongst us. It emphasizes community over individualism."
-Omari Obadele, Free the Land.

Other unconventional upper and lower case letters are intentional political expressions.

The focus of the Million Woman March on October 25, 1997, was/is Afrikan women! "Why a march for just Afrikan women?" Because the educational system is eurocentric. It needs to be analyzed by Afrikan people from an historic, objective, ideological perspective. But since our people have been indoctrinated to NOT think in terms of doing critical analysis when it comes to eurocentricism, no effective, objective analysis of the system is thinkable. We are educated WHAT to think! not HOW to think! Therefore, the establishment of independent Afrikan schools that focus on Afrikan-centered thought instead of eurocentric thought is imperative! Just for the record, i have helped build two independent Afrikan schools and one homeschool.

Why a march for just Afrikan women?" The penal system is full of our Afrikan people. And the numbers are increasing. The present system of "justice" is patterned after european models. Afrikan systems historically were not based on incarceration without rehabilitation. There is NO rehabilitation for Afrikans in prison. The conqueror's paternalistic superiority nature of eurocentricism is not designed for the rehabilitation of the oppressed. It is designed to CONTROL the oppressed. Our people don't need to be punished for being brainwashed into anti-social behavior. They need to be de-programmed, un-indoctrinated; they need to be Afrikanized so that they begin to think, behave and have values in their own best interest. As for the POW's and political prisoners, they are Afrikanized, and that is why they are in prison. They don't need deprogram­p;ming; they simply need to be acknowledged for what they are: POW's in u.s. concentration camps; they need to be supported by us and set free.

"Why a march just for Afrikan women?" Our women are the guinea pigs of the allopathic medical society. Doctors are practitioners. Who do you think they "practice" on? Not this sista! i delivered all of my children at home. i studied homeopathy and holistic health care, immunized my children myself, changed my diet. There is no reason why every sista shouldn't take responsibility for her life and the lives of her children. We need to establish a system of prevention, not "cut-up," "stitched-up," "drugged-up" health care.

"Why a march just for Afrikan women?" Because Afrikan children need to have their mothers informed, empowered, and deprogrammed enough to instill in them Afrikan values and principles. Rites of Passage centers need to be erected like those centers of learning and rites in Afrikan antiquity, Sankore and Khemet, for example. Afrikan women need to become mentors to our youth, host safe houses for our youth, host in-home libraries for our youth. Rites of Passage is not only a coming-of-age but also, and more importantly, a coming of consciousness, awareness of self, and overstand­p;ing of one's historic, cultural and ancestral inheritance. These are life-tools that Afrikan children indoctrinated in a eurocentric value system do NOT get. Thus they are ill-equipped to face the world in justice. Just for the record, i host a safe house in my community. i am an in-home library, educator, extended family mom, have adopted children and am a mentor.

"Why a march just for Afrikan women?" Because Afrikan women can't get jobs, especially if they have an Afrikan-centered appearance. Straight haired, european-clothed sistas have a hard enough time getting employment without adding the extra factor of being who We are! Used to be that We could get manual labor, grunt work jobs. But white folk are even claiming those since economic times are so tight. We have to regain control of the life-sustaining institutions that control our lives. There is nothing in our Afrikan cultural matrix that promotes "ownership." Entrepreneurship is key. We need to be professionals, experts in our fields of choice. We need to be politicians on the world stage international politics, and world citizens, not continue to suffer under the myth of u.s. citizenship.

"Why a march just for Afrikan women?" Because many of us don't even have a place to live. Homeless­p;ness is rampant in our community. We used to live 3-4 generations deep in a home. Now We we have nothing to offer the Afrikans who are homeless. Where can they go? To white-owned or system-owned facilities? There should be no homeless Afrikans. But because We are indoctrinated into a system of capitalism that allows us to not hold our wealthy accountable to the Afrikans who are have-nots, homelessness runs rampantly unchecked. Afrikan communalism affords everyone a home. Beggars were thought of in high esteem and not looked down upon as in european society. The dishonor for us should be in not sharing with the have-nots, instead of dishonor being in asking for what you need.

Why a March for Just Afrikan Women?  also appears in the

 December '97/January '98 Vol.6 #1 issue

Note: funds they desperately need. Prevention initiatives, including after-school programs and mentors, have been proven to reduce youth delinquency. And interventions for children at risk-such as parent training and graduation incentives-have been shown to reduce serious crimes more efficiently than incarceration. But S.10 sets aside none of the funds for prevention, only for drug testing, juvenile records, and incarceration.