Subject: Summary of PAN-AFRIKANISM

Kwame Toure presentation

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Iya Khandi Konte-Bey (Paasewe)

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PanAfrikanism is NOT a response to colonialism as it DOES respond to colonialism; it is an evolutionary process: family, tribe, clan, nation and continent. This process was interrupted by colonialism/capitalism and euro-imperialism.

Afrikan unity under revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist process and socialism. Objective of Pan-Afrikanism: to gather our people in mass unification in the diaspora. Afrika is the focus of Pan-Afrikanism. DuBois brought about the Pan-Afrikan Congress.

Spontaneous mass character must be organized for independence. 1958 Nkrumah frees Ghana, the base for all Afrikan independence movements. Afrika was divided at the Berlin conference w/artificial boarders and must be re-unified as one Afrika. We allow european obstruction to go w/impunity against us due to our indoctrination. OAU (Organization of Afrikan Unity is not PanAfrikanism. Pan Afrikanism comes from the bottom up. OAU is heads of states.

Pan Afrikanism is anti-colonialism/anti-capitalism. Capitalism can NOT unify Afrika. Capitalism confuses our thinking. Afrikan communalism/socialism by its principles should be judged by its principles. What are the principles of capitalism?

The 1st Pan AFrikanist Conferences were in 1900. Whenever there is oppression there is resistance. The values of socialism are found in Afrikan communalism. We achieve revolution thru organization; then freedom comes. Neo-colonialism (which is the type of so-called independent governments that exist in Afrika today), is the last step of imperialism and thus makes us think that colonialism/imperialism/capitalism is the only alternative.

Afrikans must wage cultural revolution for those who are colonized in the struggle to become politically aware; thus action verifies theory. The philosophy of PanAfrikanism is Toureism/Nkrumahism.

QUESTION: how do we reconcile capitalism? Where principles are concerned there is no middle ground! no compromise! Either a system is corrupt or it is not... capitalism is corrupt!

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