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Book One

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Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey

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"As the reader makes the journey into an earnest celebration and offering, Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey Paasewe satisfies with a voice of vigilance, heard on the fog and windswept mountain pass. The valley below leads to liberation."

From Exile,

Bankole Irungu

We have a question for you: Are you prepared? Are you ready for an experience that will be edifying and will elevate your consciousness and bring you into an awareness of the conscience within? This is a unique opportunity to experience insight, information and mentally aerobic Ancestral continuity!

A new book, by Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey (Paasewe) affectionately know as Queen Mama Khandi.


This book is about the Afrikan reader who, internalizes the principles contained herein, and after reading this book, becomes the hero/shero, because they take up the banner of responsibility and accountability in preserving the Black Family using Polygyny as a weapon/tool of our collective survival.

This book helps Afrikans draw a correct  conclusion for mental, physical and emotional change needed to resolve our internal conflict and psychosis. It helps us to analyze our conditionings and achieve the effective use of Polygyny to achieve our goal of independent thinking and action. The book asks hard questions that We must face. The answers are even more difficult to face as the truth is a hard pill to swallow in almost every instance.

Instead of expressing the problem of promiscuity and blaming polygyny for such indoctrinations (brain washings), this book offers an understanding of how We remain in the land of the living, instead of perishing as walking zombies suffering under the yoke of imperialism ("racism"). It sites what works and doesn't work and how they should be applied to reap the benefits, of what is colloquially referred to as, "folks are already doing it!" Truth is, folks are NOT already doing it. We are doing promiscuity. But, We could be doing Polygynous Family structure, once We know how. This book answers the question: How?!

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The word is Polygyny (Polygamy). "The Most High gave the word; great was the company of those who proclaimed it..." Psalms 68:11.

In the words of Brotha Bonkole, 


In this time of often numbing chatter about African adult relationships, Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey Paasewe speaks surely of her life and times. 

She has the landscape before her, and for a number of key reasons can point out an oasis here and there.

Why she is able to do this, qualified in ways others aren't, becomes apparent, on opening this, to me.

Who does not dwell on the various literary islands of the permissible? Who can characterize what is the authentic, therefore the rebellious voice of African women in today's empire colony?

The cultural bedrock, the African family, has been under attack for what it was when Europeans began to dismantle it. The family has been forced into another framework. Is the idea acceptable that this weakened state is the way that will reign in the future?

What do the women have to say about this?

Their heads are not supposed to raise up from the suffering.

If anything, White women and African men, almost surely schooled to promote and become White men in thought, define the plight of the women, the lifeline of the nation of Africans in the "land of the free" country.

Opinions and informed answers, drawn from expertise of the very ones knowing their own realities, African men and women, cannot be tolerated, say the guardians of the status quo. A book like  is rare.

Author Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey Paasewe has little coming to those expecting eloquent cowardice in her writing. She has living experience that polygyny is central to African peoples' rise away from life destroying Western existence. As a spiritual counselor and straight talking woman of our times, there is hardly a stone left unturned in identifying solutions. Throughout the 1970s to the present, many of us Africans born in the USA have had to forthrightly take the battle to define ourselves to the oppressing agencies, or conform. My Sister, as she had long ago, back when we met in the place we call "filthydelfia", hasn't given up ground.   

What the reader receives is organic, and not a siphoned off replica of anything America sanctions. Khandi, an uncompromising polygynist, has advocated what has been to generations in the US a natural holding on to Africa. An Africa, and particularly West African societies,  that prior to European domination had one man sharing life with more than one wife. Indeed today, it is not uncommon to meet, for example, Nigerians that are sons and daughters of a this social unit, a man and as many as seven wives. In the 21st century, forces of capitalism, Islam, Christianity, enforced European folkways and just plain hatred of African people are arrayed against what is ancient. Yet worldwide, the destruction of African family relations resulting in poverty of pocket and soul have not kept tradition from spreading.  

The book the reader is holding is a departure from established works on the who, what, where and why of African women and men's social lives, indeed spiritual lives, in America and beyond. Humor and it's cousin, flinty criticism- glancing and roundhouse punches to the gut of almost anyone questioning Khandi 's revelations shouldn't be feared, but felt and then be immersed into. From the courage to share comes knowledge.

This, until now, unheard call to polygyny by Khandi is a collected definition of her life as a polygynous woman, of the trials and tribulations of husbands, "co-sistas" and the society and economy of imperious Americans declaring the life choice illegal. Drawing upon intellects of mainly the last 50 years, but indeed some from the last 50 decades, Khandi brings fresh focus to the oral guidance of the aunts, mothers and friends belonging to a people liberating themselves. She dares to bring her own experiences to the light of day. Explorations into the last three decades of African polygyny in the face of family destruction under Nixon through Bush policies gives insight which can be gotten nowhere else. In any other case, the 2 million un-natural deaths since 1960 of Africans in America would be called what it is: genocide. Can anyone ask why the entity is known as "AmeriKKKa"?

The author has been a polygynous co-sista since 1974 and throughout the essays and personal accounts constantly derides the myth that African people are involved in polygyny to oppress one another, for gain in the number or partners or variety of intimate experiences. The spotlight that many people of all races have about African people and their tradition is taken away from racist myths regarding the African body's reproductive organs and bedrooms. Khandi points out that the genetic fertility and cultural longevity of African people in the US and globally depends on this seminal tradition. Researched with care and balanced by her own unapologetic stand on the issues of self determination, dignity of African women and love of African men, Khandi's vibrant words, page after page, bring forth weapons of timely sharpness.

As the reader makes the journey into an earnest celebration and offering, Rev. Khandi Konte-Bey Paasewe satisfies with a voice of vigilance, heard on the fog and windswept mountain pass. The valley below leads to liberation.

From Exile,

Bankole Irungu

26 August 2005"

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We thank you in advance! Click on this link for a free excerpt vignette/chapter from this book to read: http://geocities.com/khandipages3/polygamy_book/polygamy_interview.htm  and also, at the bottom of this vignetter/chapter, is a link to a poem excerpt from the book titled, Emeweni Ake U Bona Y Afrika (She Sees Afrika in His Eyes) by this author provided free for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy the reading! Note: Polygamy book TWO is due for publication early 2007.

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