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Box 6965, Olentangy/Washitaw (columbus) OHIO



Born: 3/11/54 Philadelphia, PA Graduated Simon Gratz High School Phila., PA


ACADEMIC STATUS Graduated - Central State University - 3.73 accumulative grade point average (GPA) - Political Science major with emphasis in International Law; Afrikan Studies minor; Afrika/Afrikan-amer. studies certification; member of Honor Society and Academic Research Scholarship recipient.

AWARDS/CERTIFICATIONS City of Philadelphia Certificate of Appreciation 1985 Best of Philadelphia Music Award 1990 Family Services Association Appreciation Award (Dayton) AFCOM Family Award (Phila.) 1986 ASANTE Award Dayton OH 1992 CSU College of Arts & Sciences Academic Achievement 1992, 1993, 1994 CSU-West Certificate of Achievement Fall, Winter, Spring, 1991,1992, 1993, 1994 Project Care - Certificate of Home Child Care/First Aid/CPR/Communicable Diseases 1991 Sankofa Society Certificate of Homeopathy and Herbalism w/Wholistic HealthCare (Phila.) Certificate of Literacy for Tutors (Phila.;Olentangy/Washitaw (cols, ohio)

WORK EXPERIENCE Sinclair Community College - 1993 Academic tutor Central State University West - 1990 - 1995 - Office Worker/Receptionist Center of Work and Knowledge Afrikan School - 1983-93 - School Tutor/Counselor/Health Advisor McClendon Institute For Learning - 1991-present Board member, Parents Council, Fund Raiser Coordinator COASADOS Church - 1986-present - Spiritual Administrator Dominos Pizza - 4/1991 - 6/1991 - driver, pizza delivery Boys & Girls Club - 1994-1995 - Art Director Khandi Computer Services - 9/94 - present - consignment Data Entry Manpower - 1993-present - various temporary data entry, office worker assignments


ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENTS Khandi Music Studio - co-founder, engineer, lyricist, arranger, producer, composer; Soul In Motion Players Theater Co. - co-founder, director, producer, performer; NaNiKha A cappella Singers - co-founder, arranger, producer, lyricist, vocalist, recording engineer Khandi & Friends Theater Co. - co-founder, director, producer, performer; Sunni Bey Jazz Ensemble - vocalist, shakare artist; Sun Ra Archestra - dancer, vocalist; Universal Kosmic Ark Ensemble - dancer, vocalist Afrikan Women's Shakare Society of Philadelphia - shakare performer and craftswoman; Ile Nkwada Lamumba Library & Reading Room - co-founder & facilitator of study sessions and reading tutorials; Ile Nkwada Mi Raw Food Vegetarian Delights Catering - co-founder; Khandi Computer Services - co-founder, contributes essays and information data bases for various on-line services; author of various articles (Mental Maladjustment of the Afrikan Personality, Demystification of the Psychopathic Racial Behavior), essays, book analysis (Mumia Abu Jamal Cultural Imperialism & The KKKourts), poet, playwrite and sketch artist, etc.


ACTIVIST ACHIEVEMENTS: Black Panther Party member from age 13; Garveyite at age 13; MOVE (Family Afrika Supporter); Community activist; co-founder of DEC (Determination & Empowerment Collective created to address the rights of food stamp recipients in the Montgomery Country area of Ohio); Pan Afrikanist Congress of Azania member; All Afrikan People's Revolutionary Party member; conscious citizen of the Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika; Wachitaw citizen; delivered all my own children at home; immunized my own children; educated my own children; delivered hundreds of babies for sistas at home… certified herbalist and homeopath… mother of 14 children: 6 from my womb and 8 adopted… foster parent and mentor to hundreds of children… helped build four independent Afrikan schools; Save Our Land Community Patrol - organization developed to protect the community from police brutality; Garveyite; ideology: Afrikan centered cultural matrix and Pan-Afrikan Internationalist.


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