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Welcome to Khandi Website Designers! We are the basics in website design. We don't make anything fly accross the screen and sometimes We don't even work in dreamweaver or frontpage. Sometimes, We simply work in html - notepad and We offer our research efforts as a bonus. With us comes knowledge of a subject and if you don't have much material on what you do, We will research it for you and add it to your site information. We provide sites with counters, date keeper, table of contents, webring memberships, banner exchanges, sound (where appropriate), website promotion, listing with search engines and even direction maps when applicable.

We offer Graphics, creative arrangement, sensativity to the subject, and descretion. We meet our deadlines. Our prices are most reasonable. We figure that instead of showing off our skillz on this page, We will let our work speak for itself. As such, here are only a small portion of sites We have designed in the more than 10 years We have been providing this service:


NCOBRA International Commission: Support Site for Yaa Asantewaa Nzingha

Zawadi Bookstore

Official Mutulu Shakur Website (co-website designer-ship)

Kwanzaa tribute and information site

Afrika Productions

Midwest Regional Million Woman March Website (and approximately 92% of the websites for the Million Woman March)

State of Ohio Official Million Woman March Website

Egungun Spirit of Blackness Ancestral Tribute Website

Provisional Government Republic of New Afrikan Official Website

Attention to Detail

Symbols of Respect: A Book by Author IsSaid

Black Anti Defamation Council

Sista Jewel and Omowale Afrique's Midwest Region Afrikan Dance Conference

Daughters of Ruth Moabite

the Initial and Original Juneteenth website for columbus, Ohio

the Initial/Official APDS website

NaNiKha A Cappella Singers

BlkAgenda2000 (now BlkAgenda 2005)

Gwendolyn Thomas Author Pages

Nosha Fiber Arts

Black Berry Jam Fiber Arts

Ma'at Guides Me 2 U

Official Elder Sam Greenlee Website (Author of the book and film, Spook Who Sat by the Door)

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