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by Rev. Khandi Paasewe

ęCopyright November 10, 28 ADM (1993)

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Outline: Thesis: An investigation of the infrastructure which supports white supremacy; historical perspective, analysis, and account of the "u.s.a." educational system, how this system effects Afrikan persons and causes their behavior to be as if they are a part of the psychopath's system; reviewed with perspective solution.

I. Key terms

II. Author's note

III. Historical background A. Perspective B. Analysis C. Account of educational system

IV. Causes of Afrikan psychopathic racial behavior

V. Prospective Solution

VI. Conclusion

Author's Note:

All spellings of u.s.a., united states, whites, and the like are purely intentional as a point of emphasis and to symbolize my non-participation in the racial psycho-pathology.

How does education in main stream society contribute to psychopathic racial behavior and how does this behavior manifest itself? Answering this question demands a clear definition and understanding of the nature of the objective of white supremacy and its primary function. An investigation of the infrastructure which supports this objective is key in comprehending the psychopathic racial personality. A historical perspective, analysis, and account of the "u.s.a." educational system, how this system effects Afrikan persons and causes their behavior to be as if they are a part of the psychopath's system; and reviewed with a perspective solution.

Historically, white supremacy has sought to control the minds, bodies, and spirits of all it encounters. Education in historical perspective, is no exception; it is the rule. In other words, education like health care, food, clothing, housing, economics (capitalism), government, institutionalized racism, and all other institutions are the "supporting cast" (the infrastructure) for the "main performer," white supremacy. White supremacy is white genetic survival. Because white people are genetically deficient in the chemical melanin (which produces skin pigment, moral character, defends against disease, and other qualities) they are most likely, as the minority in the world, to suffer annihilation. White genetic survival is, therefore, a desperate action to insure non-extinction. This insurance can only take place if people of color (who are most capable of producing white genetic annihilation) are subdued, oppressed, suppressed, or indoctrinated to support an infrastructure which does not lend itself to their survival, but instead, to the survival of white genetics. The educational system is one tool for this purpose.

The objective of main stream society, is that "education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable of thinking or acting otherwise" (Epperson 383). Schools are the tool of government, designed to mold the character that the government desires. Further, the "u.s.a." educational system's schools are designed with the intention and purpose of providing individualized psycho-social therapists. This is not acceptable because white genetic survival is the root of this psycho-social treatment.

The psycho-social treatment for people of color is self-hatred. For example, children in school learn that everything Black or of color is bad and everything white is good; ie: angels food cake is white and therefore, good; devils food cake is brown and therefore, negative; the white knight rescues the princess, a positive; the bad guys in westerns wear Black, a negative; the Black mark on one's record is negative; an accountant never wants to be in the "red," it's negative; the Black market is negative; and the list is endless. The esteem which is associated with being Black or of color must be attacked and lowered for white genetic survival to take place. Another primary example of white supremacy instilling self hatred within people of color is reflected in the educational system's decision to use drugs like ritalin to control the behavior of Black male youths (the objects of experimentation with drugs which attacks the melanin centers in the Black hue-man). Thus, psychopathic racial behavior begins to come into focus.

Any serious criticism of white supremacy is designed to be psychologically impossible! Compulsory, mandatory statewide public school education was first submitted as a bill in 1779 to the Virginia legislature by Thomas Jefferson. Promotion of the concept of national public education is a preliminary step to the One World Order which is the ultimate goal of white supremacy: world control/domination. The states replace parents with so called state approved parents. "These new parents are called teachers. These state-approved parents also have two unions...the National Education Association (NEA) and the [u.s.a.] Federation of Teachers (AFT)" (Epperson 389).

The psychological illness of the united states runs deep. It perceives the parental task of raising and educating children as a burden which should be the responsiblity which properly falls on society and government. We need to understand the aim of the school system. The aim, according to Epperson, it to "change the social values of the child away from values that have traditionally been considered" (386). Educational planners move mothers into the work force and out of the home so that values can be taught to children by the state. This is accomplished through inflation. Inflation is a convenient economic tool, of the governmental portion of the infrastructure supporting white supremacy, which creates a need for family day care centers for working mothers as a solution to a fabricated problem.

The nightmare of white supremacy, in the goal of psychological control, is independent schools. "The greater the portion of our youth who attend independent schools, the greater the threat to our democratic unity" (Epperson 388). White supremacy has the support and assistance of the united states government.

The government is assisting those who wish to eliminate the option that remains to the objecting parents: the private school. For instance, on May 20, 1979, the 'supreme court' struck down legislation that gave parents a tax break should they opt to send their children to a private school, hence requiring those parents to pay for their children's education twice: one to the public schools and then again to the private school (Epperson 388).

Epperson aptly states the sinister plans of white supremacy through government in relationship to education today, "government schools make it a matter of policy to spend as much money as possible and impart as little knowledge as possible" (391). This tactic is designed to demonstrate the power of the establishment which simultaneously keeps the scholars ignorant to the government insiders who truly monopolize the power.

How the system affects Afrikan persons comes into clearer focus. The Focus: the Mental Process! Education's goal is control, not education. This is evident in an interview with Dr. John Henrik Clarke where he discusses the fact that Black minds are "up for grabs" in respect to who will control them. Also, he states that education is industry, contracts, repair contracts, and textbook contracts. The quality of textbooks and information, which is included or excluded, contributes greatly to what is taught and what is not; the control process hinges on this fact.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, in his July 20th, Albany NY lecture, states that those who seek to control Black minds, know exactly what they are doing; the stripping of Afrika is significant in world history (which is by design). This reflects the reality that the "existing educational system is not isolated from the existing cultural-socio-eco-political- system of the united states... which is racist; there's no way you can insulate or isolate the education system" (27). The illusion is to think of education as race-neutral and politically neutral. Nothing could be further from the truth. Education is a part of institutionalized racism (which is a part of the white supremacist infrastructure). To be educated by a system which does not find it within its best interests to teach Afrikan children in a manner which does not fulfill the goal and objectives of racism (ie: white genetic survival) renders the system dialectically in opposition with itself.

We come to realize, as a result of critical Black thinking, that the psychopathic racial behavior of Blacks evolves from a source which is white. In their book, The Psychology of Blacks An Afrikan-American Perspective, written by Joseph L. White and Thomas A. Parham, they state eloquently, "the Afrikan's personality and identity reflects a pathological adaptation to white u.s.a. society's racism resulting in low self-esteem and a heightened sense of self hatred (42). Whites are psychopathic (morally bankrupt because they lack melanin which builds moral character). They ignore the difference between right and wrong especially when it comes to issues of race. Whites "have no morality where race is the variable" (White & Parham 5). This lack of morality allows the white supremacist system to enslave Afrikans globally through menticide (the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Afrikan mind) and through control of all life sustaining institutions.

With a history of psychopathic white supremacy, a racist educational system, and menticide, psychopathic racial behavior manifests itself with a misunderstanding of self: Blacks patterning themselves after the psychopaths (whites). For example, whites kill Blacks; Black are never taught to kill whites; therefore, Blacks kill Blacks. Dr. Bobby E. Wright, in his book, The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays, effectively expresses this concept, "Black students must be taught that white educational institutions are the matador's cape that protects him from Black scientific inquiry (analysis) which would expose an unthinkable depth of psychopathology" (4). We must, therefore, make every effort to rise above the psychopathic racial personality.

What is the solution? Truly, no absolutes exist. There are some positive dynamics which grow out of the Black Liberation Movement: Afrikan Independent Schools. These schools take Afrikans and lift them to their rightful place of greatness; in the words of Molefi Asante in his book Afrocentricity, he comments, "Afrikans are at the center of u.s.a. history" (94). Independent Afrikan schools ring into consideration Afrikan cognition. Gaining control of our minds will be a major factor in freeing the Black mind o the psychopathic racial personality.

Psychopathic racial behavior manifests itself in areas of esteem, Black on Black crime (menticide), and a relinquishing of responsibility for life sustaining institutions for Blacks; ie: food, clothing, shelter, health, marital institution (monogamy), economics, education, etc.

Systemic oppression, the offspring of white supremacy (white genetic survival), creates self destructive behaviors which are taught in the public schools. Alternative Afrikan Independent schools are the hope for a new cognition which allows the psychosis to perish and an Afrikan ethos to rise again. Independent schools are the nightmare of white supremacy. Long live this nightmare!

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