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Make checks or money orders out to:

Church of the Afrikcan Sons and Daughters of Sampson

P.O. Box # 6965

Columbus Ohio 43205

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Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika


Welcome to COASADOS RNIP Legal Defense Fund Website

Baba Obiodun El Haji Malik Al Shabazz Malcolm X once said that the agencies and institutions of this amerikan government were not created in the best interest of Black folks, but rather to such end as our destruction.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke said that the real war that Black folks are in is to see who will control the minds/thinking of Black children.

Dr. Amos Wilson said that this amerikan society is criminal in & of itself, which blames the victims for the crimes against them by the society's various factions of it's infrastructure of cultural imperialism, which has contempt for Black people, fueled by class deception and maintaining stratification.

KARIBU (welcome) ati Asante sana (and thank you very much) in advance for your luv, support and caring. We have erected this site for the purpose of supporting our Queen Mama Khandi (Rev. I. N.) Paasewe, in her efforts to raise the necessary funds to fight for her freedom, as the Ohio government has charged her with kidnapping felony 1, abduction felony 3, and child endangerment felony 3. Bogas charges have been brought against her, as it is happening around the kkkountry to other brothas and sistas who are victims of what We call, BLACKTRACKING, as a result of her/their commitment to struggle, liberation and Afrikan centered consciousness. As those of us who embrace Pan-Afrikanism know, any commitment to Black Nationalism is a crime in a non-Afrikan centered cultural construct.

  • COASADOS - (an abreviation for the CHURCH OF THE AFRIKAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SAMPSON) seeks to reacquaint Afrikans with the Maatic source of our spiritual power. The Eyeunle Odu that governs COASADOS instructs us that it is not our bodies that bare the weight of responsibility, but rather our minds carry the responsibility for living the divine principle of Maat (truth). Resynthesis of the Feminine/Masculine Principles of the Universe to the Afrikan centered cultural matrix, is the liberating force for Afrikan people. Through prayer, meditation, study, righteous thought and introspection does one achieve the Eyeunle Odu path to Maat. The basis of Maat is that We live by standards imposed by our essential divine nature. Maat is truth, order, reciprocity, balance, harmony, charity, honesty, propriety; the rudder that guides the heavens and the earth; the source of strength to rise to the moral standard of which Neter/Oludumare/Nyame/Mungu (god by any name) is the yard-stick of measure.

    Again, We thank you for your donation and/or your purchase. And We of COASADOS RINP Legal Defense Fund wish to thank Sista-Mama LadyJ for her continued love, support, for creating and hosting this website!!!!!!! You are a treasure and warrior Queen!

    Yours in the cause of Afrikan Liberation!, Justice & MAAT.

    Mama Khandi Official PayPal Seal

  • COASADOS Legal Defense Committee Summary & Update on Queen Mama Khandi
    Anonymous writes "
    Greetings Afrikan Family,
    We appologize for the delay in updating everyone on the progress in Queen Mama Khandi's case. There was a space in time where she asked that We not forward any communications until certain things were firmly in place. Mama Khandi remains homeless, without income, nor the return of or visitation with her son. She is dependant upon our support. Now she asks for your prayers on her behalf and your support. She asks that you include her in your prayers and meditations: "let the avenging angel fly at the throats of those who seek to do her harm." We thank you in advance. There are still some issues that are pending that she has asks that We not share at this time. But for those issues We can share, We offer the following:
    Posted by LadyJedi-DeJedet on Monday, October 23 @ 12:29:13 CDT (0 reads)
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    Legal Defense Updates

    She's lost her son, good name, freedom, income, health care; eats out of food pantries and is living in a home at the grace of an extended family brotha. She has filed recourse in juvenile, kriminal, civil and small claims kourts. She needs our support! The transcripts alone are going to cost an estimated $6,000. Her health is failing because she eats poor quality food from pantries and does not have any medical care nor income for approximately $300 in diabetic and multiple disability herbal and homeopathic health care. We ask that any attorneys, health care personell and others who can, please be supportive. Email: khandipages@yahoo.com. Thanx for the support!

    Posted by LadyJedi-DeJedet on Sunday, February 29 @ 12:59:02 CST (87 reads)
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    UPDATE: Results of Felony Jury Trial
    Legal Defense Updates Kidnapping: Not Guilty
    Abduction: Not Guilty
    Child Endangerment: Not Guilty: Judge's Decision

    March 2004

    Mama Khandi still needs our support to fight back against those who took everything from her and for the 4th year, not allowed to see her son Sista Khandi asks that We continue to send her our Avenging Angel Prayers

    Note: Kidnapping: Not Guilty
    Abduction: Not Guilty
    Child Endangerment: 10 Not Guilty, 2 Guilty (2 white male non parents)

    Retrial Date on the last charge set for February 23 at 9AM

    Retrial Date continued to March 1st

    Though house arrest removed, still under bond and for the 3rd year, not allowed to see her son Sista Khandi asks that We continue to send her our Avenging Angel Prayers
    Posted by LadyJedi-DeJedet on Friday, February 06 @ 21:52:44 CST (59 reads)
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    Ma'at vs. Isffet (or) How you feel about this war, Mama Khandi?
    HerStory Ma’at vs. Isffet [or] How you feel about this war, Mama Khandi? By Mama Khandi 4/2/39ADM (03) euro-Synonym Glossary: Yurugu/Isffet/Appothean impulse/Lucaderm dominant/white supremacy/cultural imperialist/oppressors/racists: agent of disorder, disharmony and kaos (chaos); negative blind deaf energy that runs screaming through the universe; systemic imposition of an alien culture designed to destroy and dominate people.
    Posted by Khandipages on Tuesday, June 17 @ 12:33:36 CDT (119 reads)
    (Read More... | 12192 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

    Mama Khandi's Response to the Charges
    Journal Response & Critique to the charges of Kidnapping, Abduction and Child Endangerment by Mama Khandi (first draft, subject to changes and growth) January 29, 38ADM (03) This document has been a long time coming. i've put it off longer than i probably should have but i am a being of spiritual guidance, motivation and inspiration and as such, had to wait til my guardian angels, Orisa, Ancestors and the Almighty "god" made it clear that it was time. The time is NOW. My responses will be prodominantly in CAPS to distinguish it from the type of the ORC (Ohio Revised Code) of the charges against me. So, let's begin:
    Posted by khandipages on Wednesday, January 29 @ 22:03:33 CST (160 reads)
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    kkkase related dates
    Legal Defense Updates Start Time: 09:00 Ending Time: 12:00 Event Description: The kriminal kourt date is set for June 25, 39ADM (2003). It is a Psychological Hearing. The Forensic Psych eval declared Mama Khandi compitent to stand trial as it appears in the MOD. We suspect that this hearing is a formality to proceed with the trial.
    Posted by khandipages on Thursday, January 23 @ 15:02:58 CST (83 reads)
    (Read More... | 935 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

    3 Felony Charges
    Journal § 2905.01 Kidnapping. § 2905.02 Abduction. 2919.22 Endangering children
    Posted by khandipages on Wednesday, January 22 @ 22:00:21 CST (91 reads)
    (Read More... | 24650 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

    About Moussa Maati Ab Neter
    Journal MOUSSA MAATI AB NETER MAZON  January 19, 38ADM My son's name is the title of this scribe. Moussa means leader w/wisdom; Mazon means great grandfather's spirit returns within this child and must live up to the principles and standards of his great grandfather. Maati Ab Neter means one who speaks ONLY the truth, the word of "god". 
    Posted by khandipages on Sunday, January 19 @ 23:05:34 CST (99 reads)
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    Cointel-pro is still alive and well and living in amerikkka
    Journal COINTEL-PRO IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN AMERIKKKA by Mama Khandi January 17, 38ADM i joined the Black Panther Party when i was 13 years old and i became a Muur and Gareyite in that same year. Co-intel Pro attacked these and other Black Nationalist structures, organizations, governments and institutions. We were/ARE the targets. 
    Posted by khandipages on Saturday, January 18 @ 19:09:03 CST (164 reads)
    (Read More... | 1672 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)

    Let's Break it Down a Little More
    Journal LET'S BREAK IT DOWN A LITTLE MORE by Mama Khandi January 18, 38ADM cointel-pro of the 1960s was thoroughly successful in achieving their stated goals, "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the enemies of the State : Black Nationalists" and because there are those brainwashed Blacks who think cointel-pro is over with.
    Posted by khandipages on Saturday, January 18 @ 19:05:43 CST (125 reads)
    (Read More... | 2515 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5)


    Please consider assisting Mama Khandi (Rev I. N. Paasewe) by signing this petition of support. Mama Khandi is multiply disabled, and has an extensive resume of community activism.

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